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literally just do not be horny online it’s that simple

admitting to feeling sexual desire online should be illegal and punishable by death. you should be tracked down and shot in the head if you do this.

im addicted to toes ^_^

Hello addicted to toes ^_^, I’m Dad!


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OP, buddy, let me just warn you that you’re going up against furries, a fair proportion of which having guns. Bucks with deer rifles, dragons with assault rifles, foxes with grenade launchers?

Well… Good luck pal. And fear for your life if you come to Oregon.

Oh Wow

Wait a fucking second, this is the dude who roleplayed as a fucking immortal furry god on one of my posts and then implied I was homophobic when I said to stop self-identifying as a “gay furry.”

Great post fellas let’s wrap this one up thanks everyone for your effort but it can’t get better than this

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