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if you think about it the lgbt communitsy is like hogwarts. 

gayslesbiabs like tge hogwadrs houwse gryyfinidr bdecaue ib pobular most fmosos, abd mabt famosu wizard frob grifyinger. albos dopledonre s a gay and geg griiindor./ the bisexual are ravnehclaee becabs they are bdirds like an egale. majestxc. not ash populatr and eraseured by sg gays. bthe pansexuzals ar like the ghsouse elfvs and alskgo ravekbelcalw. the asexuas huffl3fpiyf. babdger. becery loywal. no fuck. jsut sglike cedric digsort. haufflepaff are underpated no hfamossuy but jsy t as valid. sluthhierins are trahsngenders hmm dgkdkb bdh  ghd s gjsjhj ghshjgn vg  opw m snake. siskh eua poskm idj  i ajnn. harry potter si unb be=bo hansn mawel nthe aromantic hotos wig tho peopo. hogwarrts 

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