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only 2014/2015 kids remember



  • the large movement of bdsm kinksters trying to prove that fifty shades of grey is not a representation of what bdsm is in real life and how bdsm is normal and healthy complete with quirky bdsm comics
  • people making fun of the sexy wife volcano in the lava movie before inside out, which quickly turned into people saying that the volcanos were based off of Hawaiian singer Kamakawiwoʻole and his wife (they weren’t) and that making fun of the volcano designs is racist
  • art of the clock from dhmis but instead of him being a clock he’s a sexy and dapper human and is shipped with a human version of the notebook
  • that one comic of the 50s lady eating ribs and being messy
  • copious amounts of disney vs dreamworks discourse well into 2015 revolving around facial diversity and snow physics in frozen
  • people arguing the tumblr update that put reblog additions into boxes instead of indenting them to the side made the site look uglier
  • attack on titan being an unavoidable force of nature
  • a lot of art and au versions of the purple fucker from five nights at freddies
  • the persona fandom and kanji/naoto discourse before persona 4 got milked to hell and the game’s regressive writing was acknowledged
  • “reblog this…..if youre not homophobic!”
  • christina hoff summers
  • the coding on the website freaking out whenever anything updated
  • people making up stories about things that happened to them in the sims or skyrim for notes
  • discourse on if meghan trainor and by extension nicki minaj’s anaconda was progressive or not
  • that one month everyone reblogged south park photosets from the pc principal season
  • crave that mineral

feel free to add to this

you just made me viscerally relive 2014 and 2015 and im fucking suing, OP

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