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October 17 2017

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25th August 2017 - New York,NY (Good Morning America)

Credit: Debra L Rothenberg

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October 16 2017

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That 40 year old reylo who made up the story abt arguing with a 14 yr old at work deactivated so we w ont be able to see more of these gems

I’m fully convinced this person has no real friends outside of tumblr


the weird, bad-vibe feeling when a guy you don’t know calls you “babe” vs. the light, airy, blushy-all-over feeling when a girl you don’t know calls you “babe”


you know what movie pisses me off? 27 dresses with katherine heigl like……this bitch has 27 friends that all want her to be their bridesmaid and shes SAD cause she cant get a man????? BITCH i would KILL a man if i could have 27 friends that love me that much. id kill 27 men

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i can’t stop thinking about these pictures of ryan gosling smoking weed @ cannes 2011

This is a #mood

D&D Hardmode



Nobody in the party is allowed to have a backstory with dead parents.

Too easy, meet me in my gauntlet. D&D Nightmare mode: Nobody in the party is allowed to have a sad backstory.

October 15 2017

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21st September 2017 - Denver,CO (Tour Two)

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which mariah are you today?

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…they rlly were the softest

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“Each dot represents 5,000 hogs.” World Geography. 1948. 

untapped infinite hog supply in the ocean



how are people turned off by tattoos they are so fucking hot


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Fluffy hot dogs!

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25th August 2017 - New York,NY (Good Morning America)

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I try not to overthink it. I know fame is fleeting, and this is our moment, and I’m going to relish in it, and enjoy and appreciate it for what it is. But at the end of the day, what I really want is to take this and build upon it, and build my career, and keep doing work that I’m proud of, and challenging myself. That is why I got into this. I got into this to make a living doing what I love, and doing something that I’m inspired to do, and also to inspire others to do the same. That’s what it’s always been about for me. The fame, you know, it’s different, it’s exciting, sometimes it’s frustrating, and sometimes it’s truly a privilege, and opens up a lot of doors, but it’s not the main focus for me. It never has been.

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