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August 13 2017

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painting a gay bar as a safe place for straight girls avoiding straight men is wild to me bc ideally it would be a safe place from the straights for gay ppl but we can’t have anything can we

i think people here are misunderstanding what im trying to say. this isn’t a fuck you to every straight girl who’s been to a gay bar. i myself wouldn’t blink at the idea of bringing some of my straight friends to a gay bar for a fun night out.
what im criticizing is this new wave of articles and think pieces urging straight women to take refuge in places that are ultimately meant to be safe places for gay people from straight people themselves. if you want to write about a need for more women’s spaces and women’s bars where women can feel safer, im all for it. but don’t try to rewrite or infringe on what a lgbt space is meant for - a space for lgbt people themselves

You really hate women don’t you

you’re talking to a whole lesbian buddy

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never thought i’d see the day where tiki torches had to dissociate from neo-nazis

what a time to be alive 

I never thought I’d see the day where tiki torches did a better job at dissociating from neo-nazis then the man leading my country.

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It’s a vibe.

couldn’t tell if this was real life or gta v

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Good job Internet!

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eat the rich


Where has this blog been all my life.

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I’m on mobile can someone add that pic of “this is the cutest shit ive ever seen”

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i cannot stand that post that calls jellyfish evil bags. a jellyfish is a morally neutral bag. it is man that is evil


when i die, i’m going to leave my child a heavily encrypted external hard drive. when they open it, what do they find? just a single .png file.

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hope everyone has a lovely sunday ☀️🌸🌼🌈


broad shoulders on women? glam, statuesque.

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this isn’t an ask i received and i don’t want to get op involved but what the fuck does this anon mean

it means anon is a homophobe lol

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cheryl blossom - riverdale 

↳ happy birthday @whatthehecate


comedian on stage: tells joke 

audience: JHEGJGHGEJG 

comedian, now crying: how to you say that with your mouth


if i was a billionaire i’d pay random college kids tuition but also my house would be a giant gamecube 

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Every time I see this I’m equally unprepared for the punchline bc I forget it’s a joke until the end

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